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Progressive Jackpot Slots – Your Best Chance to Win Big

 When it comes to style, theme, features and jackpot types, online slots can vary even more than the machines in traditional casinos. Of course, no matter which you choose, chances are you’re in for a very fun experience. However, as we are all aware, having fun is not the only reason someone would choose to play slots. No, most of the time, it’s the potential to win a massive jackpot that’s the most attractive part of playing slots.

Playing online is by the far the best method these days. Especially now that you’ve landed on the reputable and trusted 365Bet online casino. Where hundreds of different games await you. Some with the largest jackpot prizes on the internet at this time. Moreover, you don’t necessarily need to start right away by making a deposit. We’re offering some pretty generous bonuses that give you the chance to play for free. Additionally, if you really are one of the rare people that play slot games just because you like them, then you might enjoy playing in free mode. Just for fun!

How Progressive Jackpot Slots Work

 Choosing to try your luck at a jackpot with 365Bet means you’re in for an impressive, world-class gaming experience. Which you’ll see for yourself once you give it a try. For instance, you can do some on either a desktop computer, laptop or even any Android or iOS phone or tablet. Moreover, you don’t lose any of the quality regardless how you choose to play.

If huge payouts are what you’re after, then check out our massive jackpot progressive slots. Many of which currently have main prizes of millions. Could you be the next lucky winner of one of these incredible games? There’s only one way to find out.

With progressive jackpot slots, players get the chance to win prizes that grow every second. That’s because these games are linked with several others to accumulate main prizes every time someone bets. Additionally, you will even come across games that are not only linked, but even among different casinos in other countries as well.

How Jackpots Grow

 The jackpot on a progressive game gets bigger because a percentage of every wager goes toward this prize. eventually, a lucky player will end up hitting the combination that results in that payout. Then the game will go back to a predetermined amount and start increasing again.

Often, this will go on for some time and the jackpot will reach millions. This is why you will hear about players hitting these massive prizes both online and in casinos often. Examples of some amazing jackpots that have paid jaw-dropping wins are Megabucks, Mega Moolah and current favorites like Gladiator, Age of the Gods and Mega Fortune. Look for these and a ton of other progressive jackpot slots right here at 365Bet.

Slot Terms for New Players

 We welcome brand new slot players every single day and we do our best to help you win. For instance, nowhere will you find the same transparency and genuine information about games as you do at 365Bet.

If you’re new to slots and find some of the terms a little confusing, the following might be very helpful. Here are the most common terms regarding slots, so you can read the pay tables with ease and understand the game.

Game Terms

 There are different terms that apply to all games. Such as the following.

Bonus Spins or Features – These are specific to every game and can include additions that make the game more fun and rewarding. Such as features within the game that boost your payouts or give you extra chances to win. For example, free spins that you earn by hitting certain combinations. To find what the bonuses of the game are, check out the pay table first.

Auto Spin – So this one might take away a little bit from the fun of pushing the buttons. However, if your interest in slots is totally utilitarian, then the auto spin is a function that just spins the reels up to a set number of spins that you decide beforehand. So you can just sit back and watch the reels spinning.

Return to Player – Every game has something called a return to player, which determines how much of the money that goes into it goes back to players. Look for games with the highest RTP for the best odds of winning a jackpot.

Payout – This is the amount you win based on the combination you hit.

Reels – The area of the screen where the symbols show up are the reels. These lining up in ways that pay out different jackpot prizes is what determines your outcome. Every time you set the amount of your wager and hit the spin button, you set the reels in motion.

Pay Lines – The horizontal lines across the screen where the symbols must line up to pay out the jackpot are the pay lines.

Symbol Terms

 The terms for symbols are another thing that tend to confuse new players. However, don’t worry, once you start playing, you’ll quickly understand how everything works. Regardless of whether you know the technical terms or not.

Scatter – These symbols are helpful in helping you land a jackpot because it doesn’t matter where they line up. As long as a scatter is in sight you receive a reward or bonus.

Multiplier – This bonus feature is one of the best things to happen if you’re aiming for a jackpot. Basically, what a multiplier does is multiplier whatever your winnings are by 10 to 10,000 times.

Wild – Getting a wild is another lucky thing to occur when you spin the reels. Because these can act as a substitute for any other icon to help you get a combination that pays. For example, if you line up 2 matching symbols and a wild, this is no different than landing 3 matching symbols on the same pay line and you stand to win the jackpot.