Progressive Jackpot Slots – What They Are and How to Play Them


If you’ve ever been to a casino and among the dazzling array of slot machines, found one with a jackpot of millions. Chances are, this was a progressive jackpot slot with a top payout. Players tend to love them, because a simple lucky spin can land them tens of millions in some cases. The number one dream of every slot player that enters a casino.

However, for a game that gets so much play, there is also a lot of misconceptions about progressives. Therefore, in this article, we’ll prepare you for the wide range of different progressive jackpot games right at your fingertips at 365bet.


How to Play a Progressive Jackpot


  • The term “progressive jackpot” refers to how the jackpot builds up. It’s a specific type of slot that isn’t very different from the other variations. Only that there are a few things to consider before you start playing a new game. For instance, you should check the pay table before you begin the game. So, you can find out exactly how much you need to bet to meet the requirements to hit the jackpot. Or to trigger bonus rounds and other features that help you win more money.
  • Generally, to play a progressive jackpot you would do the following:
  • • Check the pay table for the game’s minimum bets, bonuses and features
  • • Set the number of lines you would like to activate for the spin
  • • Spin the reels and wait for the results to show if you’ve won or not

Here’s How Progressives Work

A progressive jackpot game would have the top payouts of any other casino game include all slots. For instance, in these, the jackpot just keeps going up until one lucky player wins that main pay out.

Progressives are available in a very wide range of different themes of slots. However, they can be added to just about any other game for a side bet. For example, in roulette and blackjack, you can now make a side wager for a chance to win a jackpot prize in addition to the main game.

Progressives have a set minimum. Then every time someone spins, most of the money from that bet goes to the jackpot. With only a small percentage that goes to the house. This means that until a winning combination shows up, the jackpot just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Moreover, some progressives are not even standalone games. There can be a group of games that share the same jackpot and contribute to it. This is why you will often find progressives that reach pay outs of millions and rival popular lotteries.

What it Takes to Win a Progressive

To win a progressive jackpot slot, you will most likely need to bet the maximum to have the possibility of winning the big pay out. Once you’re betting the maximum, then hit the combination necessary to win you get the biggest prize the game is capable of giving.

When playing any progressive, it’s best to make sure that you are betting the maximum. As spinning without it will only qualify you to win smaller payouts. This isn’t typically worth doing because you could just choose fixed jackpot games which pay out much more often than progressives.

You should also ensure that you’re choosing a progressive jackpot slot with a denomination that fits your budget. For instance, one that allows you to make the maximum bet and still be able to spin enough. As the difference between a minimum and a maximum bet can really add up. As the denomination shown is for the lowest wager you can make. Usually on just one line active.

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