Want Bigger Slot Jackpot Wins? Here are the Games to Play

Slot Jackpot

Picking a winner is something that slot player wants. But there is one particular slot jackpot type that you should be looking for when deciding what to play.

There are many different types of slot games out there, from classics, to video slots and more. However, one particular type is famous for giving out some of the biggest slot jackpot wins of all time. In this article we’ll reveal exactly what you should be doing to have the absolute best chances to win.

What is the Biggest Slot Jackpot Win Ever?

Slot Jackpot

The biggest slot jackpot payout of all time took place at Excalibur casino in Las Vegas, USA and it was a massive win of $39. 7 million. This happened in 2003 but since then many other jackpot wins came pretty close to matching it.

The Slot Type to Look for

The type of slot jackpot game that will have the biggest payouts available are known as progressive slots. Which get their name because the jackpot progresses as more players put money into it. For instance, on every spin a portion of it goes directly to the main prize. This continues to grow until the moment someone wins it. Then it goes back to a predetermined amount to start rising again.

But not all progressive slot games are the same, even within this category, you will find many different types.

The two main types of progressives are:

  • Linked jackpots
  • Standalone jackpots

Which one you choose to play will depend on how often you play and how you view playing slots altogether. For instance, do you look at it like winning the lottery and hope to win a huge prize one day? Or are you a regular player who is content with just making a few small wins here and there as time goes?

Standalone Progressives

A standalone progressive slot jackpot is just one game that has a jackpot that grows every time someone plays it. These jackpots aren’t typically as large as the other type of progressive but they can still reach pretty impressive amounts.

Linked Progressives

The most common type of slot jackpot that you’ll find in casinos is known as linked progressive. We have many of these right here at 365 Bet for you to try your luck at winning. These are amazing because they can grow much faster as more players are playing them from all over. For example, a linked jackpot is when different games have one common main prize along with smaller payouts. They build up the same way that standalone slots do. The only difference is that the volatility is affected and they don’t pay the main prize quite as often.

Tips for Winning Progressives

Just like every other type of game, winning on a progressive slot jackpot is all about luck. There is no trick or winning formula that will make you more likely to get a payout. However, paying attention to certain things may help you overall.

For example, you should:

  • Pick the game based on the Return to Player rather than just how it looks
  • Always read the pay table to make sure that you’re betting enough to win the main prize.
  • Most progressives need you to bet the maximum to win the jackpot, so ensure you’re doing so or you will only qualify for much smaller payouts.

Progressive slot games are amazing for their ability to grow such huge jackpots rapidly. But they aren’t for everyone. In fact, many slot players will avoid them to go for the volatility of fixed jackpot games which pay out more often but not in life changing amounts. In the end, it’s all up to your personal preference. But it doesn’t hurt to try your luck at a progressive from time to time. You never know when it’s going to be your lucky day.

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